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Born on October 20th 1983, Dan Sullivan has always been an artist at heart. His introduction into the glass art world began in 2002 at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. From 2003-2006 he was enrolled at Sheridan College in Ontario Canada for a Craft & Design Program in Glass Blowing. After graduating in 2006, Dan returned home to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where he now lives and creates borosilicate glass jewelry, functional art, and hot sculpted glass vessels. All throughout the year Original Glass Worx is a part of various art shows in western Pa & surrounding areas. You can also find Dan selling his wearable art on various Saturdays, at The Artisan Market in the historical Strip District of Pittsburgh, 20th & Penn.

Artist Process:

My main focus is making flame worked borosilicate glass jewelry. Using a torch running on propane & oxygen at 2,500 degrees, I melt clear glass together with different forms of colored glass. With an endless variety of techniques & designs I create unique & original pieces of wearable glass art. The 3D Implosion Pendants are the most attractive & labor intensive pieces to execute. By using a soft flame I'm able to control the heat & viscosity of the glass to draw an intricate pattern, once the color is melted into the clear glass the design is imploded & magnified. Recently I have started incorporating opals to the center of my implosions, creating extra depth & value. I have also been adding new elements into my work, using silver, copper, & flakes of colored glass frit to create a galaxy like effect. Once the pendant is completed & signed it’s annealed in a kiln, slowly cooling down to prevent cracking.

WEBSITE:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/OriginalGlassWorx

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SullyOriginals

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